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The Doors' John Densmore admits he used to be "a curmudgeon" when it came to hip-hop.  The drummer tells HuffPost Live he didn't understand it, and was upset when Jay Z sampled The Doors' "Five To One" on his 2001 album "The Blueprint." 

He adds his ranting against rap caught the rapper's attention and Jay Z personally schooled him on the genre.  Densmore says Jay sent him a letter highlighting their common ground, explaining that hip-hop stars are "fighting the authority just like you guys did back then."  John says Jay Z also gave him a Def Jam t-shirt -- which he kept.

Densmore has continued to follow the rapper over the past 12 years.  He says for his book "The Doors: Unhinged" he wanted to use lines from Jay Z's book "Decoded" about money not necessarily leading to happiness. 

John says in seeking permission he sent Jay Z a picture of him wearing the Def Jam shirt along with a letter asking for "some of these words."  Jay Z agreed.

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