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A Minnesota man could face charges after claiming to be a member of Pink Floyd to receive medical care.  "The St. Cloud Times" says on April 20th Phillip Schaeffer checked in to St. Cloud Hospital as "David Gilmour," and said he had no insurance. 

He was treated and released, but hospital spokeswoman Jeanine Nistler says staff members weren't convinced they had really cared for the British rocker and flagged his file.  She says the head of security then determined the man wasn't Gilmour after comparing hospital camera photos with online pictures of the rock star. 

When Schaeffer returned a few days later he again claimed to be Gilmour, saying he was seeking treatment during a break in Pink Floyd's Canadian tour.  He finally gave up the charade when police arrived and took him into custody. 

Authorities are now considering filing felony theft charges, since Schaeffer received close to $100,000 worth of medical services as Gilmour. 

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