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Stevie Nicks says she's a big fan of "Game Of Thrones." 

The Fleetwood Mac frontwoman tells Scotland's "The Herald" she really dove into the series after her mother died.  She explains that she developed pneumonia right after losing her mom, and between her grief and her illness she didn't leave her home for five months. 

Nicks adds that she occupied her time by watching the entire first season of the HBO series, which she found inspiring.  Stevie says she's "written a bunch of poetry" about the show, including poems for each of the characters, and she'd "love to write some music" for the series. 

Nicks says she has a great deal of admiration for author George R.R. Martin, who penned the original book series.  She explains that as a songwriter she comes up with "little movies," but couldn't "imaging sitting down and writing even one small book." 

But Stevie adds that Martin probably "couldn't imagine writing 'Edge Of Seventeen' or 'Rhiannon," and encapsulating "a whole little life in two verses and a chorus." 

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