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As Tommy Lee wraps up his career with Motley Crue, the rocker is looking back over his drumming career.  He tells he's definitely grown a lot over the decades, and was very "green" when the band made their first record. 

Lee explains that it wasn't until "Shout At The Devil" that he was really able to zero in on what each particular song needs.  He adds that he learned from playing live, and discovered through trial-and-error what beats got the audience moving and what fell flat.  

Tommy says that he's still "evolving as a musician."  He explains that he's "in a whole different place" now than he was back in the '80s.  Lee admits that when he started drums were his "only thing."  But he says over the years he's embraced technology, and now loves to play guitar, sing, and produce, and he "can't just sit back as a drummer anymore." 

Lee adds that it's great to draw influence from other musician, but not to imitate them.  He says his motto is "Be yourself, everyone else is taken." 

Motley Crue is on their "Final Tour."  The band will be in Saratoga Springs, New York on Tuesday. 

Photo: Getty Images