For so many thoughts of Sunday bring to mind church and activities centered around it.  Except this Sunday.  There’s a football game in town, and though every indication is it’s the biggest event on planet Earth on Sunday, area churches aren’t having to do much to accommodate the Super Bowl.  Some, like Houston’s Second Baptist Church, are doing some special things, though.  “At our Woodway campus we’ve got Case Keenum actually sharing a message in the pulpit Saturday night and Sunday morning at 9:30,” says John Card.  “We have about 200 Bible-study classes throughout our six campuses, so each class will probably do some tailgates, and everybody is encouraged to wear their favorite team’s jersey.”  Karin Thornton of St. Martin’s Episcopal Church says they have a special event on tap.   “We have two former NFL players coming, Troy Vincent and Olrick Johnson, and we’re going to be cosponsoring it with St. Martin’s Congregation, Beth Israel and the Mercy community Center.”  RSVP’s are required at their website

Lifeway Research finds 59% of churches nationally will not be making any changes to their Sunday night schedules.  24% will add watching the game to their regularly scheduled get-togethers, and only 12% will change schedules or in some way adapt to the biggest day in sports.