Conversations around the water cooler on Monday will be dominated by Super Bowl commercial reviews from everyone who watched the game.  It happens every year.

Budweiser jumped out to an early lead dominating the dialogue as viral videos of their “immigration” commercials have popped up everywhere and connections of controversy are immediately being linked to President Trump’s travel restrictions.  Adweek Magazine’s Kristina Monllos says events have just broken their way.  “I think everybody is already talking about the immigration story with Budweiser,” she says.  “That’s kind of the big one.” Monloss says events have just broken their way.  “I think it was expected that this could be a talking point when they were coming up with the ad back in October.”  The commercial is the story of immigrants Anheuser and Busch and how they met.

There’s a big buzz about the Snickers commercial.  “They’re actually doing a live ad with Adam Driver,” Monlloss says.  He’s an actor who came to acclaim for a role in the HBO series “Girls.”

Monllos appreciates the cleverness of 84 Lumber campaign.  They got word out that their provocative ad was banned from the broadcast, but will be available online.  Word is, it wasn’t banned, but it’s making for an effective way to drive people to their website.  They will have an ad running during the game. 

Some sites predict a commercial featuring John Malkovich may be the most talked about spot in the broadcast, at least among those who remember the 1999 movie “Being John Malkovich.”  In the commercial someone has stolen his name domain and has become John Malkovich.