Super Bowl weekend is here, and you should get ready for the crush of out of towners coming into the city.

About 140,000 out of towners will be here, and Lone Star College economist Hank Lewis says retailers will do well.

“The impact could be huge. A lot of restaurants will see more people spending money. If there’s any type of sales tax or hotel taxes involved, they will kick over to the city,” Lewis explained.

But will the city’s economy benefit as much as you might think? Don Hooper at Big Jolly Politics says considering what the city gave up to the NFL to get the game, maybe not.

“The first demand they made is to negotiate that the Houston Police Department would not hit them with fees and charges for security,” Hooper told KTRH News.

Hooper says the NFL also got a tax break; getting exemptions from state, county and city taxes. 

“The NFL has the greatest team of negotiators. They didn’t want to be hit with a huge tax bill at the end of the event,” Hooper explained.