Well we all knew the spark with Drake and Jennifer Lopez wasn't gonna last no more than 24 seconds lol...however Drake is being petty! I mean dang Drake you cut my girls vocals out the song! So who's really hurt? Drake's new album dropped over the weekend and apparently Drake is not over JLo so the song they did together well let's just say her vocals didn't make the album. In one bar Drake admits he's drunk texting JLo...I #LatinaGirl haven't heard the album "More Life" yet but I am hearing it's fiyah!! I will check it out on my way home today. In the meantime Drake stop being petty with JLo now that you see she moved on with Alex Rodriguez..You need to move around just like she did and maybe even date one of her sisters. Paybackkkkkkkk! https://www.yahoo.com/celebrity/drake-admits-drunk-texting-jennifer-193800679.html