Everyone knows I love me a good selfie! First things first is find great lighting, 2nd make sure your hair isn't flat and lipstick poppin and lastly check your surroundings. I always look for the best places to take cool selfies and Houston is the best when it comes art, colors, something outrageously gigantic, and murals that rep our city. 

1. Eye catching Houston inspired mural located on the side of Treebeards in Market Square.

2. Enormous statues of former presidents' heads and THE BEATLES. (only in Houston)

Location: 2500 Summer st.

You say you want a revolution. #TheBeatles #HTX #AlliSeeIsWhiteFaces #PresidentStatues

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3. Colorful paint spilling down the wall at Biscuit Home

Location: 1435 Westheimer Rd.

exploring with Maebae🌌🌅🌎 #biscuitwallhouston

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4. Waterwall Houston 

Location: 2801 Waterwall Dr.

Waterwall!! #waterwallhouston #superbowl51 #texas #houston #life #2017 #waterwallpark #perfectillusion #gaga

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5. "Greetings from Houston"

Location: 3601 White Oak Dr.