If you haven't seen the 'LANCE CAM' at the 8:34 mark, where he shows respect while also calling out the top moment during the NBA this year. Drake blows in Lance's face. It's hilarious! Drake also performed 'Honorable Mentions' where he called out all the sport losers, and addition to calling out how he lost a Grammy to Macklemore and brings up the picture of him winning behind him. It was like low-key shade. 


He intro’d the song, ‘I’d like to shout out the players’ wives in the house, the players’ husbands, the people who are loyal to these athletes.  This next song literally has nothing to do with you at all. This song is about the real glue that holds sports together, I called this ‘Side Pieces,‘  before belting out a slow jam for the sports thots of the world.  Brian McKnight even joined him on stage and demanded the side pieces waaaaaay in the back to wave their hands.

Brian McKnight: (sings) ‘Sidepieces wave your hands with Drake and meeeeee’

Drake: Don’t be embarrassed

Brian McKnight: (sings) Sidepieces where you at?

Drake: They are probably in the top balcony

Brian McKnight: (sings) I know you’re not down here in front, you’re probably way in the back

Drake:  They can’t even see me


Another one of my favorite moments was the 'CAN I DIG IN POEM' for Skylar Diggins Basketball player Drake adores. Well she came out during the performance him reading the poem and asked for all the madness to stop, he asked for a kiss and agreed it would all come to an end. That moment was hilarious!