10 Tale Signs You're Dating A Bum

10) You let him/her borrow your car and when they return, your gas tank is on EMPTY.

9) Her lights/cable is in her child's name. (Give poor lil' Ray Ray a chance to have a decent credit score.)

8) While you're at work, he's at your house soaking up the AC playing video games.

7) He/She drops you off to work in your car, but picks you up 20 minutes late.

6) If she leaves her kids at home unattended so that she can go clubbing.

5) He doesn't spend time with his children from a previous relationship.

4) He eats up all your groceries but doesn't help buy any of them.

3) Your boo is still living at home with their parents.

2) If he sits in front of the corner store ALL day "just kickin' it" with the other bums.

1)  He/She is content with not having a job. After all, they have you for that!