10. Intellect - Be able to hold a decent conversation without sexual innuendos.


9. A Sense Of Humor - It's true! Laughter really is an aphrodisiac.


8. Challenge - No doubt about it, men and women are more appreciative of what they've had to work to accomplish.


7. Pay Attention - When he/she talks...listen and take notes. Your attention to his/her details will set you apart from the thousands who are trying their best to get a moment of his/her time.


6. Kindness - A person must be willing to give, in order to receive.


5. Chemistry - Believe it or not, sexual compatibility is a necessity if you expect monogamy.


4. Romance - Send flowers to her job. Surprise him with lunch. No one person is responsible for keeping the fire burning. It's definitely a team effort.


3. Leadership Ability - Know when to lead and when to follow.


2. Etiquette - Ladies appreciate a man who can lead a board room meeting and then switch it up to being the man on the basketball court. Men really do like a lady in the streets and ummm...well you know the rest.


1. Be Adventurous - No one wants a wallflower, so live a little! Take a chance because love is definitely worth the risk!