10) The Player - usually very busy gettin' busy behind your back or looking for new prospects.

9) The Gold Digger - is usually very materialistic and requires your funds to sponsor his/her lifestyle.

8) The Workaholic - is more committed to their career and a relationship would just be an overlooked hobby on a to-do list.

7) The Emotionally Unavailable - this person usually won't open up and communicate any intimate feelings towards you or anything else.

6) The Actually Unavailable - if he/she already has someone then wake up and know your own worth. It's called self-esteem people! Get some!

5) The Rebounder - usually needs time to heal from their last relationship before considering building another. Save yourself the headache.

4) The Drama Lover - takes everything from 0 to 10 in .2 seconds. (Ex: Why did it take you 32 seconds to answer the phone? You usually answer in 24 seconds. What's going on?)

3) The Runner - usually the person who runs at the first sign of a connection.

2) The Baby - is usually overly emotional and cries often. Cue the violins.

1) The Abuser - is usually very controlling and extremely aggressive. You deserve so much better.