Photo Credit: Frederick M. Brown / 2012 Getty Images

Kim Zolciak, after giving birth to twins in December, decided that she was not only going to drink her placenta, but so was her hubby, Kroy Bierman…whether he wanted to or not. I believe her exact words were, “Don’t f**kin’ back out on me. I just pushed out two of your children and one of them breach and my p*ssy’s tore to hell because of it. You are drinking the f**king smoothie, Kroy.”

Before you say ‘HELL NO’…Check out the health benefits!

·         It helps with post-delivery recovery

o    Helps moms regain energy

o    Reduce bleeding

o    Combat postpartum depression

·         It’s loaded with iron, vitamins B6 & B12, estrogen, and progesterone


So, now that you know..would you drink a placenta smoothie after birth???