In case you need a reminder of what DJ Khaled said, here it is: 

How can we forget when the air conditioning went out during game 1 of this year's NBA finals? 

Well, Brendan Kelly is the guilty man who sabotaged the air conditioning. And guess what? There is security footage that shows it all. He tampered with the air conditioning unit, claiming that he did this because he felt that the conditions would be too difficult for the Miami Heat to win in. 

According to Empire Sports, Kelly said, "I just wanted to give my boys an edge, and I saw a perfect opportunity here."

This is a big no-no! 

Kelly, the die-hard San Antonio Spurs fan and mechanical contractor for San Antonio's AT&T Center, was finally arrested on June 11th, 2014. Kelly was charged with two felonies in the state of Texas, First degree vandalism and placing illegal bets on a sports game. 

While everyone assumed that the cause to the AT&T Center reaching almost 90 degrees by the end of the third quarter was a system malfunction, that was not the case.

But like they say, the show must go on.. and it did. 

Despite the warm temperature in the arena, stopping the game was not talked about among the coaches and referees. Unfortunately, this lead to our star player, Lebron James, sitting out part of the game with cramps caused by dehydration.


All in all, the heat did lose so Kelly won.