A restroom break turned into a nightmare for Kanye West after he discovered he had to use scratchy toilet paper that didn't fit his standards. The Rap Mogul reportedly complained about the toilet paper while he was on the Eurostar traveling from Paris to London.

 A source told The Sun newspaper that "Kanye is very particular about his toilet paper. He couldn't believe that in a first class carriage, they had scratchy loo roll." The source added that Yeezy didn't engage in one of his infamous stadium rants, "but he was heard moaning to his inner circle. He didn't like the texture and requested softer tissue."

Kanye also reportedly had a nervous breakdown backstage when his dressing room was filled with black linen instead of white linen. Kanye only likes an all white dressing room and won't have it any other way.

"Once 'Ye saw black linen in his changing area, he reportedly refused to enter and waited until the Wireless staff found proper material that satisfied his standards."


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