Nina Turner with The Breakfast Club

Nina Turner drops by The Breakfast Club to talk hip-hop, politics, and the following topics:

- Why Bernie Sanders was the best presidential candidate in the 2016 race

- What was wrong about the Snoop Dogg music video when he shot a confetti gun at Donald Trump, why it portrays a bad image

- Why she loved Remy Ma's diss track

- Why hip-hop and politics go hand in hand

- What democrats need to do to get back on track, get involved and work together to make a change

- Why people didn't push enough and became content with the Obama administration in office

- What the feeling was like on election night when Trump was elected

- Less well-known hidden figures in women's history who made a difference in the culture

- Women like Stagecoach Mary who was a lesser known figure in women's history and was not to be messed with

- Her thoughts on Hillary Clinton running for mayor

Check out the full chat below: