After months of teasing fans with a rumored tracklist and new songs, Drake finally released his debut "playlist," More Life over the weekend. Premiered on Episode 39 of his OVO Sound Radio show, fans were quick to dissect the lyrics to figure who was on the receiving end of the 6 God's subliminal shots. Listen to the Breakfast Club break down each bar in the Rumor Report above. 

The first track "Free Smoke" references his rumored relationship with J.Lo, who is also sampled on the track "Teenage Fever." Things don't seem to be going so well for Drizzy's relationship with the pop superstar. 

I start my day slow / Silk pajamas when I wake, though / Miraval to the face, though / I drunk text J-Lo / Old number, so it bounce back

Some think Drake is talking about Kid Cudi later in the track, where he references someone "doing the most" after they've gotten high. Later in the song, he seems to go at longtime rival Meek Mill, where he raps about "Ghost-writin' rumors turn you to a ghost?"

Y'all keep playin' with your nose, yeah / You get high and do the most, yeah / How you let the kid fightin' / Ghost-writin' rumors turn you to a ghost?

He may have gone at Meek again on "Lose You," where Drake talks about a rival that he has been studying closely. He also mentions this person wrote the book on "garbage-ass Rollies," a reoccurring topic in Meek's lyrics.

All you did was write the book on garbage-ass Rollies / Ego strokin', picture postin' / Claimin' that you'd do it for motivational purposes only / But you just had to show me / See, I know, 'cause I study you closely / I know when someone lyin'

On "Do Not Disturb," Drake makes it a bit more obvious that he is dissing fellow Toronto rapper/singer Torey Lanez, real name Daystar Peterson, calling him an "overnight celebrity," and a  "one-day star."

You overnight celebrity, you one-day star / Swear I Told You that I'm in this bi**h for eternity / I am a reflection of all of your insecurities / Behind closed doors, a lot of 6 God worshipping / Done talk now, 'cause there's other s**t that's concernin' me

Finally, on the Quavo and Travi$ Scott assisted "Portland," Drake may have gone at an OG, Jay Z. Drake has wanted the same clout Hov holds in the industry and feels his age should not be setting him back. It may also be a response to Jay Z's line on the DJ Khaled track "Shining": 

I know you ain't out here talkin' numbers, right? / I know you ain't out here talkin' summers, right? /  I know you ain't walking around talkin' down, saying boss s*** when you a runner, right?

Drake's raps on 'Portland':

Fake f**k with me back then / But it's gettin' hard for you to fake it now / F**k bein' rich when I'm forty, man, I'm tryna make it now

Now it's time to sit back and wait for the responses. 

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