Valeisha Butterfield Jones with The Breakfast Club

Valeisha Butterfield Jones dropped by to discuss the following topics:

- What The Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network is

- Diversity within WEEN, accepting all genders

- Working for Google, heading the Black Community Engagement position

- What we lost after the end of Barrack Obama's presidency, realizing what we had then and what we don't have now

- Being friends with Angela Rye 

- Working under the Obama administration, being in the White House the day Donald Trump came to meet President Obama

- Why women are leading the charge in the resistance movement 

- Being married to Dahntay Jones, his basketball career

- Dahntay getting called up for the championship NBA game, winning and earning a ring

- What challenges women face in the entertainment industry

The 2017 WEEN Academy Auditions will be held this Saturday, March 18 in New York City. Register at and learn more in the full interview below!