As Hurricane Harvey arrives, here are areas likely to flood

Houstonians know that roads flood with even mild rainstorms. Well, folks, now we've got a hurricane.

With Hurricane Harvey on the way, the city's public safety officials say flooding this week is likely to be far more serious than last year's Tax Day floods or 2015's Memorial Day floods.

"We're expecting the rainfall to potentially create problems throughout the city," said Michael  Walter, with the city's Office of Emergency Management.

Public safety agencies across the city have pre-staged resources so they can respond more effectively after the rain starts really coming down, he said.

"Because it's a tropical system, we're talking about a widespread, multi-day, rain event," he said. "So we're going to have a good picture of what's going on throughout the city, because we could experience emergency, life-threatening type of flooding throughout the entire city."

The city has set up barricades near 41 locations that are almost certain to flood, he said. 

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