Black Girl Get Poisoned By White Roommate in College

Jazzy Rowe is a black American student at UHartford who was poisoned by her roommate Brianna Bronchu, in mutiple sneaky ways.

"The girl put molded substances into Jazzy's skincare and beauty products, put her toothbrush "where the sun don't shine" , rubbed period blood on her belongings, among multiple other things.. then proceeded to brag about it on her private Instagram. Even posting videos of Jazzy eating and captioning them saying 'if only she knew'," according to

One day Jazzy had so much bad bacteria in her throat, she couldn't even speak. She thought it was a simple cold, but found out via social media that she was being poisoned. Thank God she found out she was getting poisoned by this sick individual. 

Bronchu has been arrested but she but she is only being charged with two charge with two misdemeanors with bail set at $1,000. If convicted she'll only spend up to ONE year in jail.

Jazzy didn't find out until Brianna talked about it on IG. Bronchu talked trash about her roommate on her private IG the whole time she was poisoning her. 

PLEASE just repost and spread this news. #JUSTICEFORJAZZY 

Check out Jazmin's Facebook live video below.

Since this story has gone viral the university has released a statement.

Check out Jazmin's Facebook live video below. This is ridiculous for real! 

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