Flight Attendant Breastfed Passenger's Baby

A flight attendant on Philippine Airlines breastfed a Passengers Baby when the mother ran out of formula in the middle of a flight.  (Full Story)

Carmen Contreras of 93.7 The Beat reacted to this story...

"I'm teared up! This Flight attendant Patrisha Organo, was just doing her job with the Philippine Airlines and on Wednesday she received another call of duty. She switched gears from flight attendant into mom mode the minute she heard a crying baby mid-flight.

The flight  attendant, who has a one-year-old daughter at home, heard an infant fussing after takeoff. She goes on to say it was "a cry that will make you want to do anything to help." The flight attendant asked the babies mom if everything was "ok" the mom told her she ran out of formula and the flight attendant went into mommy mode and fed the baby! We always hear horror stories with airlines thank GOD this was a sweet,loving story!" 

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Photo: Instagram

"Don’t forget about the time that Salma Hayek busted one out when she was visiting impoverished children in Africa" 

~ Listener Kristi 

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