Cure for HIV trends as reports of 2nd patient in remission are released.

Researchers in London are giving hope to finding a cure for the AIDS virus after a second HIV-positive man appears to have shaken the disease following a bone-marrow transplant, according to research published Tuesday by his doctors.

Tests confirmed the man’s virus to be undetectable even though he’s and been off antiretroviral therapy for 18 months, doctors said in a research paper published in the science journal Nature. The man received a bone-marrow transplant from an HIV-resistant donor almost three years ago, the same procedure that appears to have eradicated the virus in a Berlin patient more than a decade ago.  

While it’s too early to say the man has been cured of HIV, researchers are optimistic.

“By achieving remission in a second patient using a similar approach, we have shown that the Berlin Patient was not an anomaly, and that it really was the treatment approaches that eliminated HIV in these two people,” the study’s lead author Ravindra Gupta said in a statement

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