Houston MUA Mocks Underage Client On IG LIVE [VIDEO]

Yikes, this is a bit much! Things went left real quick with this Houston makeup artist and her 16-year-old client who was attempting to get her face beat for prom. The footage speaks for itself, but in the first video you can see the MUA began talking about her client on IG live before she even showed up to get her face done. As you watch the second video you notice that after her client arrives, she continued to film without the child's consent and even goes as far as laughing in her face while doing her makeup.

It doesn't stop there! It got to the point where the client actually walked out of the chair mid-face-beat!! Clearly the MUA saw nothing wrong with how she handled the situation because she continued to keep her IG Live rolling and even talked down on the client when she left!

There's so many issues to dissect here including the fact that many viewers called out the artist for practicing unsanitary habits, but we won't get too deep into that. This is EXTREMELY unprofessional. I understand as a client you need to respect your artist's time, but as the artist you also treat your client with respect and professionalism. This does not include recording anyone without consent (especially underage), using unsanitary equipment, and taunting your paying client. All of which are examples of what this MUA displayed in her behavior. Personally, I think the MUA was totally in the wrong! I hope sis got her money back.

Take a look at the videos for yourself. Who do you think is in the wrong in this situation?

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