Texans Teens FB Live Their High Speed Police Chase [VIDEO]

Three Texas teens decided to outrun a State Trooper when he was stopping them for going over the speed limit. The fugitives led the State Troopers on a twenty plus mile chase. Two of the teens allegedly had an arrest warrant, but the girl conducting the Facebook live was without a warrant but still decided to partake for her brother and "homegirl".

The girl manning the video was complaining that the officers were still after them even though they weren't "in their county line no more". They were unaware that Texas State Troopers have jurisdiction in any Texas county. The video is divided into two parts, at the end of the second Facebook Live, the troopers manage to spike their tires bringing them to a crashing halt. The video has thousands of views, with over 500 hundred plus shares on Facebook.

Be warned, this video has countless foul language and is NSFW

Check out the two videos below:

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