Are You Ready for a Summer Vacay Yet? Universal Orlando OK To Open June 5

It's been an extremely rough few months for everyone in the world, but when will you feel "back to normal," and safe again? Many industries have taken huge hits, without the permission to hold large events, concerts and even visit amusement parks - but Florida is one of the first on the verge to trying to get people to visit their parks and live their tourist ways again.

Universal Orlando got the okay to open their Florida partk to guests starting June 5th.

Last week, the outside shopping / dining strip "CityWalk" did a soft reopen, filling venues to only 25% capacity.

I'm not a parent, but I have many nieces and nephews - I wouldn't personally feel comfortable taking them to any large gathering until there's a proven vaccine. But, we've seen a huge 300% spike in Carnival Cruise sales after they announced they'll be setting sail again in August of this year.

How do you feel about it? Will you be vacationing in 2020?

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