Ice Spice Reveals Her 'Embarrassing' First Celebrity Crush

Photo: Getty Images

Celebrities may seem like they live a different life from everyday, non-famous people, but even they have embarrassing crushes on other celebs. Just ask Ice Spice!

Ice Spice recently met up with Doja Cat to chat on Instagram's Close Friends Only podcast, where the conversation quickly moved into crushes, per Entertainment Tonight. When Doja inquired about Ice Spice's first celebrity crush, the Bronx rapper initially attempted to avoid answering by saying it was a silly childhood infatuation.

"It's so embarrassing. I was a kid," she said, before revealing that the crush in question was none other than legendary performer and upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show headliner Usher.

While many people don't often meet the subject of their celebrity crush, Ice Spice reflected on when she finally saw Usher in person.

"I saw him at the Met Gala for the first time I've ever seen him," she said, "and I was like, 'Oh my god, it's him.'"

Doja seemed to understand Ice Spice's crush, agreeing that the "My Boo" singer is "beautiful," to which Ice Spice agreed he is a "gorgeous man."

The two kept the romance chitchat going, also sharing what they said is the best way to flirt on Instagram. For Doja, that means going all out and "leaving a comment on every single photo." The quip hit a nerve for Ice Spice who comments on the "Paint the Town Red" singer's posts, hilariously responding, "Oh my god, no. Not me flirting with you."

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