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Insecure's LYFT BAE is Really from Houston!

WHEN THE INSPIRATION from the scene, recognizes you're poppin off! Okay Tanisha! OG Bad Girls Club!

NATHAN from 'Insecure,' the cute little southern boy with a scruffy beard that doesn't connect, doesn't just PLAY a man from the 832. He really is from Houston.

The adorably coined "LyftBae" was first introduced this season when he got into the 'Party Lyft' with Issa and Molly in the first episode, and then we find out it's a Lyft 'Line,' when this problematic dude jumps in, being ungrateful for the Capri Suns and the Party Lyft vibes. (First red flag, Issa).

He ended up punching homie and running off, but tipping her $50, while she's still sleeping on Daniel's couch. But all REAL 'Insecure' fans knew he was going to show back up at some point.

After last week's episode, it seems he's really interested in her. I mean they did act out one of many's personal fantasies by doing the naughty in a ferris wheel bucket at Coachella.

BUT ALL OF THIS MEANS NOTHING, because at the end of the episode, Issa's long-time ex man that keeps coming back to ruin her life returns, oh the President of the ashy men gang, Lawrence.

- Back to 'Nansford,' aka Nathan, aka Lyft Bae. He's played by the very talented light eyed light skinned mans that is Kendrick Sampson, and he's been on our screens before! In 'Vampire Diaries' and 'How to Get Away With Murder,' just to name a few.

He's actually a huge activist and very #WOKE.

So what team are you? #LawrenceHive, #TeamDaniel or #TeamNathan ?

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