SMH: Study Finds Which Race of Men Cheat Most


Cheating! It's a harsh reality of today's dating world - and it gets even messier when you add social media and "disappearing messages" on snap and Instagram. But the EASIEST WAY to get caught doing it is being MESSY and ADMITTING to it.

In a recent study, data showed that BLACK MEN have admitted to cheating more than any other race. ALSO, that most cheating happens after 35 years old. With more people over 65+ admitting to it! Really! Ya'll ain't even faithful in your 60's?!

The data also shows, most participants grew up in a home without both of their parents and do not attend religious services that often. 

Do you agree with the data? Or do you think infidelity is a universal thing, that doesn't discriminate?

Ashlee Young

Ashlee Young

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