Why We Weren't Allowed to Play With Ouija Boards


WITH HALLOWEEN right around the corner, it's time to get in our annual scares. Take that one trip to a haunted house and freak out all your friends, watch some scary movies - whatever it is.

But in my household, and probably yours too, we were NOT under any circumstances to play with Ouija boards. My grandmother is from GILMER, TX and simply "does not play that."

But getting older, you start to get curious as to WHAT is so harmful about these things. If I don't need an ID to buy them, I can pick one up for $19.99 at Target, WHY is this little board SO HARMFUL.

Well, as we've seen in the movie, "OUIJA" it's a path to another world - but in this video, it explains it's rise to fame!

Were you allowed to play with one growing up?

In the words of my grandma, "You aint' bringing nothing in this house we can't lock the door on"

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Ashlee Young

Ashlee Young

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