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#INSECURE recap.. So Nathan Just Gonna Ghost Us?

There are some SPOILERS in last night's episode in this blog - so beware!

If you're a frugal trick such as I, then your free pass of HBO Go expired last week, and now you gotta wait until the day after to watch the episode. But you still scroll through Twitter to check out the communal feelings of what happened.

This morning I woke up an extra 24 minutes early to catch up (make the seasons LONGER - HBO).. and this is what I've gathered on Nathan aka LyftBae aka Nansford aka Making Houston Look Bad..

Nathan (played by Kendrick Sampson), is a light eyed lightskin from the H - that happens to stumble into Issa's life, as she's getting her life together and makes everything seem great, when she's finally getting over Lawrence.

Then abruptly - mans disappears. And the question that hits so close to home with many women is .. WHY? HOW? You just ghosted and everything was going great and you just got some on a ferris wheel in Coachella.. like.. yo..

I felt these scenes in my chest, and apparently so did most other viewers.

There's only ONE episode left this season - and we're being left with more questions and cliffhangers than answers.

NATHAN JUST BOUGHT HER A TACO AND GAVE HER DRUGS and she bussin' it wide open on a ferris wheel - I am done.

Now onto Lawrence and Chad. Chad was always the bad influence - right? I always thought so. And now Lawrence walking around after having chlamydia - wants to get right with God and go to church, and just stumbles upon a church girl. Uhm, nah.

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