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'Hit That Woah' .. Who Really Created It, Houston?

Tuesday, we posted a blog about Sauce Walka calling out Travis Scott for doing the "Hit that Woah" dance on Saturday Night Live and not attributing credit to the young guys that allegedly made up the dance, the 'Woah.' Young Deji and 10k_Cash are the guys believed to have put the dance on the map, but DJ Dangeorus in this thread says otherwise.

DJ Dangerous even posted the receipts where they gave him credit and shouted him out for the dance.

There are even whispers that PRAIRIE VIEW A&M made up the dance -- that they're completely different dances.. etc.

My question is.. 

Who is getting a check off this? And why do people care so much?

THE FADER even tapped in on the subject -- their article is below.

But here are my two cents:

1. Yes, it's cool to get a shoutout from major artists to say "cool dance, bro." But after that -- what you doing with it? Are you turning that into a check? Or is it all just for clout?

2. Let's remember -- even Fortnite, the biggest gaming platform in the world right now, takes popular dances with no credit to the originator of them. Do we now have to "source" or "credit" dances every time we do them?

The funniest thing about it is, when I was in College Station, we made a Dallas v. Houston video where all the TAMU students spoke about it - and still didn't even give credit then.

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