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IG Model Brittany Renner Releases Tell All Book

Instagram model, Brittany Renner, has released a tell all book called "Judge this Cover."

The book allegedly depicts her life of hooking up with dozens of athletes, rappers and celebrity men which fans are eluding to Drake, Chris Brown, Colin Kaepernick and even Lil Uzi vert. (really?)

The NSFW Cover is below .. keep scrolling if you dare.

This is what fans put together:

Seth: Finding Oz (Casey Therriault)

Evan: Flag on the play (Colin Kaepernick)

Leon: Soul tie with a songbird (Trey Songz

)Frank: One and Done (Drake)

Ivan: Use your head (Tyga)

Solomon: Malpractice (Chris Brown)

Hector: Dancing with the Devil (Lil Uzi Vert)

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