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YouTuber Chris Sails Arrested in Houston: Assault

Chris Sails

(UPDATED: 10/30/2018, 10:36 am CT)

I wasn't hip to Christopher Sails until Queen Naija broke out with the single, 'Medicine' and started to talk about the drama that unraveled on the internet, with her ex, Chris Sails. Sails lives in Houston, but now he's back in the headlines for an alleged attack against his ex-girlfriend and former star of the TV Show "My Wife and Kids," Parker McKenna Posey.

Posey played the youngest and adorable little sister, Katie.

Posey accused her ex, Chris Sails, of brutally beating her at his apartment back in September.

But the funnier thing about it is, it looks like Queen Naija was actually DEFENDING her ex husband, Sails in this latest video.

If you follow Queen, you know she's moved on and is expecting with boyfriend, Clarence.

But we hope Chris can get it together.

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