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How Did Travis Scott Sell out AstroworldFest?

Have your parents or grandparents started asking you about that 'Travis Scott fella' yet? That's how BIG Travis has become in our culture. Yes, he makes great music. Yes, he puts on for Houston.. but to SELL OUT GENERAL ADMISSION of an ENTIRE FESTIVAL without even ANNOUNCING A LINEUP is huge!

Haters will say it's just because he upped his profile by being Kylie Jenner's baby daddy.

But in reality, Travis' reputation of putting on ONE HELL of a show precedes him. Even before he became 'mainstream,' and started getting heavy radio play; fans always knew the energy and craziness of his shows. As they dubbed it, "going to the rodeo."

LET'S RAGE as they say.

We had Travis as the headliner of our 2017 Beat Bash at the Revention Center in Houston and the ENERGY WAS INSANE.

Yesterday, during Election Day, he tweeted that he was giving some tickets to fans that proved they voted and lived in Missouri City.

So now, you have your tickets, or maybe you don't and want to win with us by listening ;D, what now?

One thing we can expect, November 17th, NRG Park, we can expect some surprises. We have to!

After I saw Travis shut down Rolling Loud in the Bay and Austin City Limits, there's no question he would up the ante for #AstroworldFest. Special guests? Of course.

But then again, they're all special.. there's NO ANNOUNCE!

If you've never seen Travis' performance at Openair Fraunefeld 2017 - PLEASE look below.

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