#AHSApocalypse Recap: WTH Michael Langdon


Are you packed and ready? To go straight to hell? NEXT WEEK is the finale of this season of American Horror Story: Apocalypse and I'm triggered.

Mainly because, I don't see how when homegirl (Mallory) just discovered how she can travel through time and barely help the other girl hold up that forcefield -- how are we going to save the world, guys?

Also, does anyone get confused as hell when actors switch characters and we have to act like, Sarah Paulson isn't two whole different people in one episode? I hate it.

The only thing I can't take: Evan Peters' bowl cut.


I will say, he is hands down, one of the BEST actors that can fulfill ANY role that I've ever seen. He's always my favorite actor to look forward to, every season.

So 'The Cooperative' was just a rebrand for 'The Illuminati.' gotcha. Kinda like Tity Boi and 2 Chainz right?


So now that we know who the anti-christ is and who seems to be the 'angel,' aka Mallory. do we have some kind of apocalypse ending battle at the end? Or what's going on?



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