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WTH Was That Ending American Horror Story !!??

I think I can speak for everyone when I say -- what the hell was that season finale?

My wig was SNATCHED when Angela Bassett walked back onto my screen as the loved character, Voodoo queen, Marie Luveau. Then I got hit in the feelings when Cordelia sacrificed herself to give all the power to Mallory -- but WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY did we have the most POWERFUL SUPREME WITCH go back in time JUST to run the spawn of Satan over with a Range Rover?

That's alll it takes to defeat the Anti-Christ?


What.. WAS THE POINT of even having these two in this season. Oh, we killed the first Antichrist, but it just transferred over to the non biracial looking child of these two.

I'm really not sure I could take another season like this where the same actors are playing multiple characters. I always get caught up like "okay.. does Sarah Paulson know she's a whole other character in a new universe."

The season was amazing! Best one in years!

Finale - all good until the last five minutes.

Also: I need more Jessica lange! Give me more FIONA!

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