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HOUSTON Ranked Top 5 Most SINFUL Cities in America

We may be in the bible belt, but is Houston REALLY that wholesome?

A study done by says otherwise.

At first look, you may get a chuckle out of the fact that HOUSTON was ranked in the Top 5 of the most SINFUL cities in America. And when we say SINFUL, yes we mean LUST.. we're talking about sex. We may be in the bible belt, but we ranked Top 5 on this list. But when you find out HOW H-Town landed at the top of this list, then you realize.. wow.. that's actually really unfortunate and sad.

Houston has a large number of arrests of "pimps" and "Johns" in the realm of sex trafficking. Unfortunately, Houston is a huge hub for sex trafficking crimes, as there are large prostitution ring busts in Harris County every year.

Then you have the whole "sex brothel" thing that Mayor Turner shut down a few months ago. As there would be a lot of zoning issues.. I guess tax issues.. and just plain decency issues. But you have to wonder, there HAD to be a MARKET for it, if someone was willing to BUILD IT within our city.

 **Cue the LL Cool J "Doin It Well" video above**

Nevertheless, Houston landed at #4, in the top SINFUL CITIES of the USA list, right behind New York at #3, Los Angeles at #2 and of course the SIN CITY itself, LAS VEGAS at #1.

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

2. Los Angeles, California

3. New York, New York

4. Houston, Texas

5. St. Louis, Missouri

6. Atlanta, Georgia

7. Miami, Florida

8. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

9. Chicago, Illinois

10. Orlando, Florida

Do you agree with this ranking? Are you surprised?

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