KIM KARDASHIAN Says She Was on X Filming Sex Tape

Doesn't KIM KARDASHIAN-WEST Just Seem like a fun aunt to have. Like, she tells you all these crazy stories about her previous marriages, or when she filmed this little sextape that eventually launched her career. Like, "ok Aunt Kim.." On an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, she details doing drugs twice in her life. Doing Ecstasy twice; once when she got married the first time and the second time when she filmed her now notorious sex tape with Ray J.


Since this news has hit the internet, sources close to Ray J say he's OFFENDED she would ever make these claims, as he says she wasn't in any type of altered state during the taping of their "film." It was consensual and the only thing she may have even done was smoke some weed during the day.



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