Why You Need to Watch #Jailbirds on Netflix: Toilet Talking


This weekend was a rare occasion where I could literally sleep all day and just online shop and do nothing - since my mom is back in Washington. So I stumbled upon a show I got from my Twitter timeline called "Jailbirds" on Netflix. Disclaimer: All I do is watch prison documentaries and paranormal shows anyway, BUT THIS SHOW... oh my..

So it follows various inmates in the Sacramento County Jail and Prison, both male and female. Of course, it documents why they're in prison, different fights, etc.

But the most fascinating thing of all, they "get on the bowl," which is slang for emptying the water from their toilets and talking to each other through empty toilet bowls. Honestly, it's the most fascinating thing I've seen in my life.

Not only that, they send contraband, letters and more by "fishing" through the toilet system.

The only part that has me really shook is that they have more meaningful relationships through the bowl than I think I've ever had in my life.

But then, my friends joined in, whom also watched it -- and I can't. lmao



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