Clout Chaser Tries to Go Viral Mocking Da Baby, Gets a Combo in the Mall

Da Baby is a good friend of the station and one of the hottest rising artists right now in the game. BUT, he is without a doubt, one that is always getting tried by other people. Whether for clout, or they're just haters - Da Baby has made it VERY clear in almost every one of his songs - that he's never gonna run away, he's gonna stand his ground.

The most viral piece on twitter last night - is a video Da Baby posted of a fellow Charlotte 'artist' recording him in the Louis Vuitton store calling him a b*tch and then we see Da Baby reacting, which ends up with the other guy, with his pants down, bloodied inside the mall.

Da Baby was in Houston a few weeks ago, and he pulled up to the station and we spoke about this very topic. PEople thinking they can play with him and then it ain't gonna go right.

Do you think the 'clout chaser' got what he deserved?

Or should Da Baby chill out from now on and let his career flourish?

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