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The Music Director's Playlist: Ashlee's Actual Playlist

As the MD (Music Director) for 93.7 the Beat in Houston, I'm constantly getting unsolicited music sent to me - and I respond all the time, 'this isn't the way to get me into you as an artist.'

Why, you ask? Before you start slandering me on your social media - it is because every successful artist is successful because they make EMOTIONAL and MEANINGFUL connections with people. So whether I didn't hear about you until you were signed, or knew about you before the deal -- it all happened ORGANICALLY and I really bought into a song/artist because I'm a fan first. Don't force this connection, it will never end in your favor.

So, people always ask what I'm listening to on my own actual playlist, here are the Top 10 songs on my most played right now, that you might not have heard yet:

1 - Guapdad 4000 "Flossin"

2 - P-Lo "Hella Fun" feat Jay Ant

3 - Ken the Man "He Be Like"

4 - Ye Ali "In My Ride"

5 - Yella Beezy ft Chris Brown "Restroom Occupied"

6 - Dreamville, J. Cole, Lute, Da Baby - "Under the Sun"

7 - Marqus Clae "Quality over Quantity"

8 - YBN Cordae ft Meek Mill "We Gone Make It"

9 - Blacc Zacc ft. Stunna 4 Vegas "Goner"

10 - Water on Water on Water - Dolph ft. Key Glock

11 - Comethazine "GodDontLIkeUgly"

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