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These Stores are Closing Due to the Coronavirus

H-E-B has modified their hours to 8am-8pm.

After a complete shutdown of festivals, concerts and more - now Coronavirus has gotten to the local level of shutting down stores and businesses.

APPLE: All apple Stores outside of China will remain closed until March 27th

SEPHORA: Sephora will be closed until April 3rd.

BATH & BODY WORKS AND VICTORIA'S SECRET: Will be closed until March 29th.

NORDSTROM Will close all stores, starting March 17th.

ABERCROMBIE & FITCH Will be closed through March 28th.

NIKE will remain closed until March 27th.

T-,MOBILE, all indoor mall locations will remain closed starting Monday.

URBAN OUTFITTERS will remain closed until March 28th.

LUSH Bath products is closing all stores until March 29th.

AMC & REGAL THEATRES: Both Theatre companies have announced they will be closed indefinitely until further notice.

GYMS: LA Fitness, Orange Theory, YMCA have announced their closure until April.

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