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The Stimulus Plan Might Give You Less than Your Refund.. Will It Help?

The Senate has finally reached an agreement about a $2 trillion worth of stimulus checks mailed out to every household in the U.S. to aide in stabilizing the economy. But, it might not even be as much as your tax refund check was, or that you're still waiting on.

Officials said early Wednesday morning, they've come to an agreement.

Mitch McConnell called it, "a war-time level of investment for our nation."

The Breakdown:

$250 billion in direct payment to individuals and families

$350 billion in small business loans

$250 billion in unemployment insurance,

$500 billion in loans for distressed companies, as per CNN.

This bill would also block President Donald Trump, his family and other top leaders from getting loans or investments from Treasury programs.

So How Much Am I Getting?

The terms of agreement were;

Individuals who earn $75,000 of Unadjusted Gross Income or less would receive a one-time payment of $1,200.

Married couples earning up to $150,000 would receive $2,400.

+ an additional $500 per each child.

The payment would scale down by income - phasing out for individuals who earn $99,000 or more and couples who earn more than $198,000 without children.

Do you qualify to receive this stimulus package? And would it help you?

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