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"ALL IN CHALLENGE" Do You Want to Hang with the Kardashians, Meg or Khaled?

Depending on who you follow on social media - you've most likely seen the "ALL IN CHALLENGE," that celebs are getting in on.

MEGAN THEE STALLION included a music video experience, with hair, nails and the WORKS.

KIM KARDASHIAN-WEST is offering lunch with her and her sisters.

DJ KHALED just announced he's adding an infamous JET SKI voyage to his package.

The money raised will help feed people in need.

JUSTIN BIEBER, Kevin Hart & Shaq have also offered some once in a lifetime experiences. All you need is $10.

The official website explains the how it all works.

TOM BRADY offers tickets to his first Tampa Buccaneers home game, KEVIN HART promises a small role in his next film and Russell Wilson & Ciara auctioned off a double date!

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