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RL of NEXT on Requirements for a Verzuz Battle & 90's R&B Gems

Thankfully, because of Timbaland and Swizz Beats, a Hip Hop, Gospel and R&B fan has been LIVING during the pandemic. And, after some worldwide seen technical difficulties during previous battles with Teddy Riley and Babyface and Nelly and Ludacris, we now have the ability to watch clear video on Apple Music.

We just recently celebrated the huge Verzuz between Brandy and Monica and even more treasured greats; Patti Labelle & Gladys Knight.

Some names have been tossed around and suggested for a Verzuz. A suggestion I've seen a lot on Twitter is the group NEXT, known mostly for their raunchy 90's hit "Too Close."

The group is also widely known for hits like "Wifey" and "Buttah Love." RL singularly has written for huge R&B greats like Jaheim, Usher, Ginuwine, R. Kelly and more.

So what's keeping NEXT from participating in a Verzuz battle?

RL speaks on wanting more of a celebration of music, rather than a "battle," per se. Also, if he's included, he'd like to be able to dig in his catalog and play some Jaheim, Ginuwine, Usher hits - just based on his competitive nature.

The Minneapolis born singer and songwriter also shared how much it meant to him to finally get the acknowledgment from Jimmy Jam in an interview he just saw the day before. With both figures being from Minneapolis, RL claimed that not being signed my Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis back in the day almost defeated him. The lack of acknowledgement also gave him the driving force to work even hard - working for the legendary Jimmy Jam cosign.

RL also spoke of a tiff that may have happened during the Teddy Riley and Babyface Verzuz, when a comment may have triggered a negative response from Teddy Riley.

What do you think about a NEXT Verzuz? Who would they go against? Most people say Dru Hill - but what do you think?

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