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Breaking: DJ Screw Visual Set to Premiere this Month! Get your Collectible!

The story of Houston's own DJ Screw finally has a release date! Earlier this year a leaked trailer of the DJ Screw visual made it's way online and the music world hasn't stopped buzzing yet.

I interviewed the director, Isaac "Chill" Yowman of iYO Visuals earlier this year where he gave us a few hints, but now the visual date is a full on go for November 16th.

In our original convo, Chill spoke about his upbringing, growing up in Houston, buying Screw tapes from the swap meet and more. This then led for Houston natives to call in, with somewhat concerns about whether this release will bring back old beefs.

You can play a few calls we got, below.

Notable figures such as Lil' Keke and musician and actor Marqus Clae have been seen in production with the film, check out the trailer here for 'All Screwed Up.'

In the press release, there was also the possibility of getting a one-of-a-kind collectible 'All Screwed Up' memorabilia box.

Screw Box

This ScrewBox includes a VHS tape, hologram collectables, and exclusive tribute cassette tape and player and provides a point of entry for the premiere on November 16th!

Are you watching on the 16th?

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