"Throat Baby" Singer BRS Kash on the getting BLOCKED by former Throat Baby

The hit single "Throat Baby," has been dominating the clubs since Fall 2020, but BRS Kash is no stranger to the hip hop industry. With a cousin in music, his mother in a former rap group, he's been born to make melodic hits his entire life. He's been around the "Bankfroll" squad in Atlanta for awhile, making hooks and writing behind the scenes, but now he bursts onto the scene with the wildly catchy 'Throat Baby'.. yes, 'Throat Baby'.

Probably the equivalent of the male version of "WAP" as far as lyric content goes - but still does not get skipped one time in this house. We just added it last week after gaining traction in more metro areas of the country, but the song has been out on Soundcloud since last November.

If you search BRS Kash on Apple Music you may not find a lot, that's because he just had to change his name from 'KASH KASH' because someone else already had it trademarked. But like we said, he's been at this for awhile now.

Though the radio version does it NO JUSTICE AT ALL, of course ,legally, we can only play 'Go Baby,' in the daytime hours for your kid's sake.

After being independent for the majority of the songs life span, it picked up traction once the Atlanta native signed to LVRN / Interscope. LVRN (LoveRenaissance) is the Atlanta based label that brought us 6lack, Summer Walker, DRAM, OMB Bloodbath and now BRS Kash. He's not in bad company at all.

The song also gained a lot of traction, as most songs do nowadays, on TikTok.

Check out the official video and some fan reactions on Twitter below.