Yella Beezy on the Disgrace of the Cowboys, New Single, Letting go of Beefs

YELLA BEEZY is family, but this is the 50-eleventh time we've done an interview! He tries to give excuses for the Dallas Cowboy's poor performance - but we get into his new singles, "Solid'" with 42 Dugg and the Gunna assisted single, "On Fleek."

With time off from touring and a skinny pickings for shows due to COVID regulations, Beezy has spent his time celebrating his October 22nd birthday and preparing for the arrival of his second child. Let's see if his son, MJ, will take kindly to sharing gifted rollies for birthdays.

Last time I saw Yella was in January for Trapboy Freddy's birthday, we all flew to Dallas. (Vlog below).

What do you feel about new releases in quarantine? What album did you actually enjoy that was released Post Quarantine?