Toosii2x on King Von's Passing, his Fave OnlyFans Girls, Is He the R&B King

HE's BACK! My dawg Toosii (formerly 2x) is back, he's our iHeartRadio OnTheVerge artist, now with a whole other album he dropped in 2020, 'Poetic Pain.'

Toosii's always a good conversation because he's fun and entertaining, I tell him why Capricorn's are trash and we get into if right now is his "moment," in mainstream hip hop and R&B.

Also, Toosii was very close to recently slain rapper, King Von, and shares some memories King Von used to share with him from jail about Lil' Durk's people.

Check out our first interview from March of this year, below:

Toosii just released his album 'Poetic Pain' in September, but is already releasing loosies, hopefully from an upcoming album release, here is 'Pain & Problems,' and 'Met in LA'.